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Land, Homes, Businesses


Transferring titles, Leases, Creating Subdivisons, Adverse Possession, Lost Titles, General Law Conversations


Farm Sales and Purchases, Farm Leasing, Terms Contracts, Stock and Equipment Sales, Stock Mortgages


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Why retaining Strategy Property Law is a good idea


We have ourselves been at the client end of a property transaction over 100 times

Our experiences have made us very fussy about the quality of work we expect from our lawyers, and of ourselves as the process should be pain free and the outcome the one you signed up for. We know that a good experience with us will hopefully mean that you engage us again, and recommend us to others.


We place our focus on communicating with you

When you contact us, you will speak directly to us. We provide personal contact details so you can reach us when you need us. We communicate the way you prefer (email, phone, mail). You will hear from us when something develops (or more often if you request), and of course you can touch base with us whenever you like (and its not going to cost you any extra). If a document just has to get there, we will make sure it does, even if we drive it there ourselves.


If we discover an issue, we will work at finding a solution so the transaction can succeed

Time is of the essence in property matters, an issue we know too well. Our understanding of the crucial aspect of timing means we are focussed on delivering satisfactory results, in a timely fashion.


We usually charge per matter, not hourly unless you engage us in a court matter

Our rates are competitive, and transparent. There are no hidden fees, no obscure administration costs or unexpected disbursements. We charge disbursments at cost and there are no loadings applied.


There are safe guards provided to you if you instruct a lawyer holding a current practising certificate

Lawyers must hold prepaid professional indemnity insurance. Lawyers are also required to adhere to onerous ethical standards at all times.


Our legal qualifications and experience enable us to offer a broader range of services

You can retain us to deal with other legal matters which are often an adjunct to a property transaction, such as preparation of wills, leases, statutory declarations and affidavits, lodging and filing, and representing you in court matters. We can negotiate or advocate with agents, builders or other third parties on your behalf. For instance you might be too busy to engage in negotiations directly , or bid at auction or you might prefer anonymity. We can also protect your interests or mediate between you and other parties in disputes or disagreements.


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